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[Zine Note] “Real Life: A Magical Guide to Getting off the Internet”

Title: “Real Life: A Magical Guide to Getting off the Internet”
Author(s): Dave Cave & Maranda Elizabeth
Date read: May 12, 2013

Another of the zines from the Fight Boredom Distro mini-haul (I think).

"So you’re in a pit of mind-numbing, unstoppable internet use."

I’ve certainly been there. Maybe you have, too—or maybe you’re there right now. 

Dave Cave brings his advice in the same frank and funny way he did for “A Diary of a Gay Porn Addiction.”

It was wonderful to be introduced to Maranda, whose prose reads like an honest, caring, and amusingly sarcastic friend’s. I’m eager to find more of Maranda’s zines (“Little Acorns,” “Telegram Ma’am,” and “Edith” are the ones they named).

Dave and Maranda question the root of internet ‘addiction,’ and come up with sensible propositions, including the idea that our behaviors on the internet signal a need. Constantly updating Facebook or Twitter, to the point of compulsion and zero reward, signals a need for validation, and a sense of connectedness with friends. Why not get out there and make those connections?

I appreciated their realistic approach to overcoming internet addiction. Quitting ‘cold turkey’ and completely isn’t necessary, and may be counterproductive to a modern life. Some ‘intentional mindlessness’ (a term I like, and a philosophy I’ve applied), on the other hand, is restorative.

As I read this zine, I realized that I’m no longer addicted to the internet in the way I used to be, largely because I started thinking about the internet and questioning my use of it, and doing things very similar to what Dave and Maranda suggest. So if you’re actively looking to spend less time on the internet in general, or use your internet time more healthily, this zine is a good place to start.

  • 12 May 2013
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